Sunday, January 17, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Hey, look who's coming to dinner--The Big Round Thing! He's ready to pull up a chair and sit right down at our table. Who'd a thunk it? What's a 50 gallon water heater doing in a dining room? Why, getting ready for a hot meal, of course!

We brought home our guest about mid-day today. Tucked him into the back of our truck and gave him the red carpet treatment right into the house. And then...well, and then we realized we had no clue how to get him down in the basement. So, we dropped back 10 and decided to tuck the heater into the dining room. The Big Round Thing can chill out there until Tuesday afternoon when we get some reinforcements and cook up a plan to SAFELY bring it down into the basement. Yeah, we could have tried to do it ourselves today. But what if something went wrong? What would be the price we would pay?

I've been thinking too much lately about my late Friend Frank. As the heater sat poised at the top of teh stairs I thought of all the things that could go wrong--life changing stuff--and I backed down from the challenge.

Afterall, what's the hurry? We've got a great dinner guest for the next few nights and we're pleased as punch to have Mr. Heater hang out in our dining room.

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