Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stable @ 6

The temp fell at least down to 2 degrees.  I saw that myself about 3 am.  However, it rallied and by six am it was 6 degrees.  That's "doable."  Anything above zero always feels better than anything below zero.  Psychological, of course, but it works for me.

Opps, maybe not.  I just went over and checked the link on this blog page and it's  ELEVEN BELOW at the airport.  It seems hardly likely that our house is 17 degrees different than someplace only a few miles away.  When a $20 wireless thermometer had a different with a ba-zillion dollar instrument array, I'll put my money on the high dollar technology every time.  Hum, -11, eh?  "Verrry innteeressting," as Artie Johnson once said on the Classic Era of TV's "Laugh-In."

Here's an interesting and completely unsubstantiated conclusion about sub zero weather in Eastern Idaho.  I've noticed that whenever temps are below zero, people get into a different mode, a different mindset.  They don't do much and they have minimal expectations of others--at least as far as others doing anything.  Now, frankly, if you are in a heated office, there's no difference whether it's minus eleven or 11 above, but you'd never know that from the behavior of the humans.  It's like they get into "hunker" mode.  They tell each other how cold it is and they do mock shivers and sometimes they even LOOK cold!  Maybe somebody should get a million grant to study this phenomena.

Well, not much to chatter about this morning--except, of course, that age-old curiosity:  Will The Car Start this morning?

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