Thursday, January 7, 2010

False reading

our indoor-outdoor thermometer failed this morning.  It was easily and clearly at least 10 below outside on the old manual dial thermometers.  Everyone else is reporting the same thing.  So, the readings of 2 and 7 degrees are hooie.  The Zuki barely started and then the brakes didn't work for awhile--that was scary.
My toes are STILL cold and I have been in the office for 40 minutes.

I got to hear some war stories from co-workers who vividly remember the -51 day in 1963.  They remember where they were--the whole 9 yards.  One of them had to use an old-fashioned brass blow torch and crawl under his car to thaw out the oil in the oil pan.  Geeze.  He calls this -11 weather "balmy."

Luckily, this cold spell is only going to last 2 nights.  The co-workers were raving about some Januaries they remember when it stayed below -20 all month--or so they say.  Time has a way of enhancing the dramatic.

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