Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grand Football Finale 2-nite

Tonight is the last college football game of the season.  There are a LOT more pro games to go, culminating in the Stupor Bowl, of course.  However, the college swansong is played tonight as The Tide and The Longhorns go at it in Pasadena.  I plan to watch at least some of the game.  I once was a rabid football fan--totally obsessed.  I couldn't get enough football.  A few things changed all that--the ballistic trajectory of player salaries; the commercialization of college football; the annoying advertising on TV games; the overuse of instant reply; the ever-present hype accompanying ordinary games; and finally, the rise of the internet.  Now, it's possible to follow football without having to sit transfixed in front of a twinkling screen.  I can simply beam up the internet and digest in minutes what once took hours.  I don't have to hear a single annoying TV ad and I can pick and choose what I wish to read.  I really have a fear & loathing thing about TV advertising, especially beer ads.  Beer ads were once a thing of beauty--such as the woman who parachuted in those Old Milwaukees to the fishermen.  Now it's all about twisted minds and juvenile pranks.  Fuggetaboutit.  UGH.

But I will watch at least a few minutes of the game tonight.  Why. I am not sure.  Hopefully, we will get to take in another Northern Exposure before the game.

Soon, I am going to leave this blog and log in to another Gmail account to work on a weather blog.  I have been neglecting my weather blog for months.  There's a lot of cool stuff happening that begs for commentary.  Tonight it's Britain.  WOW--they are getting the proverbial body slam right now.  I need to go comment on that stuff.

Today was pretty much the normal blur at the office.  I got off on a couple of tangents and spent half the day trying to investigate how to take over a dormant 501-c-3 organization.  I think I reached a dead end on that project but won't know until next week.  Then I decided to go to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  The gubmint will be paying all of my expenses and it won't come out of my budget.  I get to have a whole bunch of flying time and stay in a big name resort, too.  All the food is included--the whole schtick.  Heck, how can I refuse?  No way.

I will be going up on February 23 and coming back that Friday, the 26th.  I use Alaska Air's Horizon Airlines to fly to and from Boise and Southwest to fly to and from Spokane.  I have to take a shuttle van from Spokane to Coeur d'Alene.  Once I'm there, I just check in and get the full ride.  How sweet.

I was going to use Horizon for the whole deal but they routed me through both Portland and Seattle.  Well, hum, on second thought, if I used that travel plan, I'd get to see BOTH Mt. Rainier AND Mt. Hood twice going and coming. for thought.  Maybe the best choice isn't the most direct route.

After school, opps, I mean work, I took the Blue Ox baseplate over to 1st Street Welding and had it inspected and scheduled an installation appt.  I bought if from a guy in Redding, CA, via a Craig's List listing way back in October.  It came just after we had departed for Arizona.  A baseplate is a heavy metal thing that hooks to the front of a vehicle and then allows a towbar to be attached so you can, well, tow it.

I went out to Fry's and bought some soy milk.  Since I'm once again on the low carb thing, I drink soy milk instead of cow's milk.  I've never seen them milk soy beans but I can imagine it must be a real trick to find the tiny little udder and coax out the milk from the beans.  I often wonder if they only hire midgets for that job.  Some things I guess we will never know.

Well, I actually was "shopped out" this afternoon.  I drove to the eastside Wally mart and actually drove into the parking lot to get some non-exploding hack saw blades but I got in there and I just couldn't deal with it.  I couldn't even park the car--I just did a u-turn and went home.  Why bother?  Who cares?  I don't need no steeenking hacksaw blades!  At least not now.

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