Friday, January 1, 2010

Snow job

We weren't keeping strict track of our time but I am pretty sure we spent 4 hours on snow removal today. Whew, I'm bushed. We managed to dig out the Suzuki and, wonder of wonders, it wasn't frozen and the battery wasn't dead and it started up right away. Somehow we managed to jimmy it past the Chevy and arrange them Okie-style in the back yard. The Zuki's in four wheel low so it will handle this snow even with summer tires. An avalanche of snow came off the metal roof--man, that stuff is hard to shovel--it's like concrete. We learned the hard way last year that we have to keep right after the snow than comes off the roof. If we wait until spring it is a giant ice block. Also, we have to keep the snow accumulation away from the basement stemwall to keep the melt from going straight into the basement.

We walked over to Hastings and opened a video acocunt and rented Susun's current face movie about Julia Child. I will see how far I can sit through the movie. I am not a movie fan. Susun spent about an hour processing photos at Walgreen's--they have a 9 cent special going. How low can digital prints go? A nickle? Who knows? Nine cents is pretty danged cheep.

There was a sense of urgency about getting the Zuki back in action. I spaced out and forget to renew our vehicle registrations. Both the Nissan and the Chevy expired at midnight yesterday so they aren't street legal. Opps! Ain't no way we can drive them until we get them re-registered. If we had an accident in the snow, we would be in a heap of trouble with expired plates. The Zuke's plates expire in May so now we're at least mobile again.

Dinner is fast approaching so time to run along.

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