Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chickened out

When the kicker missed a 34-yard chip shot with 9 seconds left, I couldn't take it any more. The score was tied at 4-45 and clearly going to overtime. I simply couldn't watch it and had to turn the TV off.

Who knew the Cardiac Cards would win in overtime? I wish I would have watched it but I simply couldn't. At least I did get to see a good portion of the highest scoring playoff game in the history of pro football: 96 points and 1024 yard of total offense between the two teams. I was certain The Packers would pull it out in overtime--absolutely certain--and I couldn't bear to watch. Call me a chicken and you're right on the money. I chickened out!

Now the Card go and play the Saints next weekend. My money is on the Saints but at least the Cards treated the home fans in Glendale, Arizona, to one of the most awesome Old West football shootouts of all time! It almost looked like a video game or a slow motion pinball game. Amazing stuff.

Today was a buffet of this and that. We went to Staples and Home Depot first. Bought some envelopes that are sized for 4x6 photos. Got 200 of them for $4 and the normal price would have been $28! Bought a 10-foot length of 1.5 inch PVC pipe and an elbow. Came home, whacked off an 8-inch piece of the pipe and smacked on the elbow and the stub and, voila, a Snow Knocker! It works perfect. I went around the house knocking snow and ice off our eaves. Heaven only knows why I hadn't thought of it before today. It also has the advantage of being safe to use around the power mast and lines--in order words, I won't get electrocuted by accident now.

Went shopping for various stuff at Wally, Freddie, and WINCO. Then picked up Susun and went for a walk down on the Greenbelt. The recent cold snap built up a lot of ice there but today's near 40 degree temps freed a lot of the ice and it was spectacular.

Came home, watched some of the Cards and now we're going back to Northern Exposure.
More to report later. Cicely calls.

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