Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, Monday

Who sang that song? Why do I always hear it on Mondays?
Thanks, Kris C. for your great comment. it is MUCH appreciated!
As usual, Monday was The Big Blur and BAM--it's over.
I worked at the office from 8-noon and then left home at 12:27 for Pocatello. I got into the Costco parking lot at precisely 1:27 and noticed that it was 1:39 when I walked out. WOW--fastest computer return of all time. Yep, Costco accept a netbook return on the 90th day of the 90-day return policy! We bougth it October 11 and returned it November 11. Is that close or what? Too close for comfort, if you ask me.

They were real nice about the return and, believe it or not, they thanked me for returning it! Go figure. The computer had all sorts of things wrong with it. it was a disaster that somehow was usable while we were in Arizona. Luckily, I didn't have to use it upon our return here to Idaho Falls. Anyway, it was great to have them peel off $300 in cash money. I walked out of the store a Happy Camper and went to Harbor Freight to lighten my cash load.

It's easy to spend money in Harbor Freight and I dropped $110 quicker than a Vegas gambler on the high stakes blackjack table. Poof, gone. But at least I got stuff to show for my $110 whereas a gambler doesn't even get to keep the phony chips.
My hottest purchase today was a $3 stubby ball peen hammer. Doesn't that have a ring to it, huh? Cute little thing. I'll probably never use it but it sure looks cool.

I also bought 2 grout saws. If you know what those are, you are cool, too. I can hardly wait to whack away at some aged grout. I guess that's better that whacking some aged guy's gout--or an aging kraut. Whatever.

I hot-footed it back to Eye-Eff and tried to buy another computer at Sam's and thereby wasted 30 minutes of an otherwise productive day. After spending a lot of time comparing computers and making my choice and standing in a LONG freaking line like FOREVER and paying out my wad of cash plus some extra from a debit card, the guy took the inventory slip and came back and told me it was out of stock. Man, I was livid. Luckily, I've learned you can't express anger in a Wal-Mart or Sam's or you will get arrested pretty pronto, so I just looked at the manager and told him my feelings without using any four letter words or raising my voice even a notch. I tried to do my best Jack Nicholson without breaking any dishes. Anyway, then I got my $348.50 back and left the store fuming.

Next, I went to Lowe's and learned all sorts of things about water heaters that I really wish I didn't now know. And then I went to WINCO just to soothe my frayed nerve. A lot of people hate WINCO because of the wailing babies and all the Mexicans and the bumper carts and rude shoppers and surly clerks and all of the rest of the bad rap stuff about WINCO. However, I love all that stuff. It's like a tonic to my soul. The more screaming babies, the better. The more Mexicans the better. The ruder the clerks the better. The more crashing carts, the better. Yes, sports fans, WINCO is my therapy!

So, I spent $14 and got rejuvenated and came home to a nice relaxing evening here on 12th Street. It's time to eat so I will return later and tell you about the New York Cavemen. WOW, what a story.

Cheers, jp

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