Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lazy morning

Nothing like a lazy Sunday morning!  We hanging out drinking coffee and slowly reading all the ad inserts in the Sunday paper.  Watched another Northern Exposure last night entitled "The Russian Flu."  Those scriptwriters were really out on the cutting edge back in 1990. The dream sequence in that show was really avant garde back in those days.

Forgot to talk temps yesterday.  They said it was about 5 degrees when we got to Harriman but teh Osborn Bridge telemetry says it was 14.  It was 30 when we left there and 21 here when we arrived home.  It's been stuck between 20 and 23 ever since.  Right now it's 21.  Beats heck out of -14!  There was a skiff of snow last night, not enough to shovel--we will probably just sweep it off the sidewalks.

Arizona plays in the NFL playoffs today.  Don't worry, sports fan, they will lose.  It's time for Green Bay to get a little glow before they, too, lose next week.  Arizona's debut in the Stupor Bowl last year was one giant fluke.  Don't even think for one nano second that it will happen again.

The front page of today's local newspaper is plastered with coverage about Idaho's budget shortfall.  Duh, it's a mere $50-million dollars.  Compared to other states that's truly pocket change.  Arizona is $3-billion and gawd only knows the actual figure for California.  Other states should be so lucky as to have only a $50 million deficit.  Geeze, you'd think the sky is falling when you read all the hand-wringing and angst over a mere $50-million.

The first area avalanche fatality was logged this weekend.  A ski patroller at Jackson died yesterday, a few days after he was fatally injured at the Wyoming resort.  He and his partner used the equivalent of hand grenades to set off a supposedly controlled avalanche before the resort opened one day last week.  Somehow, everything went wrong and he was caught in the avalanche, carried 1000 feet, dropped over a 25-foot cliff and buried under 6 feet of snow for 10 minutes.  It's a miracle he lived as long as he did before succumbing to his injuries.  He had been with the resort for 32 years and served on ski patrol for 21 of those year.  It just goes to show once again that even the most skilled people can make mistakes and pay the price.

Today, I might get energetic and do some homeowner stuff.  Maybe.  We cooked up a plan this week to see if we can let the snow slide off our metal roof without having to bother to shovel it away from the stemwall.
I'd like to experiment to see if this concept actually works as well as my imagination seems to think it will.

Nothing much else to report.  Maybe we will return to the keyboard later today. Who knows?  Cheers, jp

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