Thursday, November 11, 2021

First Edition 80 years ago

One of the Great Gifts that keeps on Giving is the New Deal Era Works Progress Administration Federal Writer's Project American Guide series.  The project began in 1935 and eventually produced truly voluminous guides to every state.  The state guides are incredibly fascinating, priceless time capsules.

We've long enjoyed a loving relationship with state guides for Arizona, Idaho and Montana.  Oddly, we've lacked the Utah edition.  Last night we stumbled on an 18-page journal article in the prestigious Utah Historical Quarterly detailing the creation of the Utah guide.

That piqued our interest and we found a 1941 first edition on ABEBooks for a mere $12.44 including shipping and tax.  Since it's being shipped out of a bookseller in Phoenix, we should have it soon.  It's exciting stuff for us.

Rather than try to regurgitate the journal article, those who are interested can read the entire work here:

 Likewise, here are two great introductions to the WPA Federal Writer's Project:


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