Friday, October 22, 2021

Southbound Day One

Picked a Fine Friday to end our 2021 Idaho Season.  Perfect weather, beautiful sky and smooth sailing.

We got caught in a 40 minute bumper-to-bumper typical Salt Lake Metroplex traffic jam just north of Brigham City.  Once it cleared, we jammed east on I-84 to totally miss the whole Friday mess in the 100-mile metro gauntlet.

The drive out yonder on I-84 is blissful compared to I-15 along the Wasatch Front. At Dear Echo, we hung a right on I-80 and then another left on US 40 and arrived in Beautiful Heber City after 5.5 hours elapsed time.  We're parked in Chez Wally tonight.  Great Door  View and a few nice landscape plants beside us.

A Wasatch County Sheriff's Deputy cruised by and eyeballed us but proceeded on so we know we're good to bed down for the night.  This is a Wal-Mart we feel comfortable staying at.  The price is right!

Our parking spot here is a short walk to a Sportsman's Warehouse.  We dispatched Susun to buy a fresh Utah Map Book which at $25 is still a steal.

Tomorrow it's on to Provo and then to decide whether to take the Full Monte Back Route or go the way we always do.  We'll have more on that tomorrow morning before we pull out of here.

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Sue Malone said...

Been known to do that long drive around Salt Lake myself! Terrible traffic there and spooky drivers.