Tuesday, October 12, 2021

A Rosie Idea

Many of Our Dear Friends well know how much we LOVE Arizona's Roosevelt Lake area and especially the Windy Hill Campgrounds.  So, I conceived this idea we could volunteer for the Tonto National Forest to create a Facebook Page for that glorious area.  EZPZ, right?

Not so much.  My Beloved Soul Mate accused me of "promoting" the area with such an idea.  Well, how can you promote an area that has been a headliner in Arizona for 110 years?  Aye!  That is the question.

My idea is about providing visitors with up-to-date information about current conditions at The Roosevelt Lake Recreation Area so that they don't arrive with unrealistic, unsustainable expectations.  There's plenty of leg room at Roosevelt.  NO one wants to be disappointed in their visit to one of Arizona's headliner attractions!

That's why we feel it would be important and valuable to provide current, relevant information about "The Status of Roosevelt."  The visiting public would LOVE it!

Once we HOPE that Clair Weslee understands the idea, we will begin to pursue it.

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