Friday, September 15, 2017

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As of August 1st, we stopped writing posts on Facebook.  Yes, we still share other people's stuff. And, yes, we still "Like" and comment on our Friend's posts. And, yes, we use Messenger all the time.  But we just don't write on Facebook any more.  We write stuff on our blogs.  This is our main blog.  We've published 1,869 posts on this blog.  But it's not the only one.  We have many, many many that we've actually lost count of how many.  Some blog post topics are simply far, far too esoteric to put here on this main blog.  So, when we get into a truly esoteric topic, we post it on an equally esoteric blog.  EZPZ.

And so that is how and why we created an esoteric post today on our "Travel Trailer Tips" blog. We're always thinking we're going to post frequently on that blog but we don't.  Today was THE day to add a new post to that mostly dormant and truly esoteric blog.

Anyway, for those few of our Dear Friends who actually own and tow a single axle trailer, today's topic is all about Axle Alignment.

We have many, many other blogs as well and we're going to begin using each of them more often. We love writing but we know that writing LOOONG Stuff on Facebook is a real "no-no".  Don't worry, we got that message Loud & Clear!

Thank You for reading!

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