Friday, September 15, 2017

72 Hours

Icing on the cake! we've logged 1.22 inches of precip out of this!
Three days ago our high was 90. Now it's 45 here at our house and feeling COLD!  Idaho! How We LOVE YOU!

Yes, The Fall Season came in with a BANG.  That's often the way it goes here.  Flip a switch, change a season.  It's cold enough for us to flip our own switch and turn on the gas, force-air furnace.  Seriously.  It's cold enough to fire up the heated mattress pad!

Yes, in the middle of a brutal Idaho winter, mid-40's would be considered Truly Tropical.  But when it's been upper 80's pushing 90's for daily highs for what seems like forever, a sudden drop into the mid-40's is downright cold.  It takes awhile for our human physiology to adapt to these sudden changes.

It was only a few days ago that I enjoyed shopping in various stores because of their COLD air conditioning.  Today, I savored shopping in my two fave stores because they had their HOT heaters going full blast!  Such as it is in Idaho.  Oh, How We LOVE YOU, Idaho!

 What a Wonderful Day in Every Way!
These are the airport readings,  We're a degree cooler.

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