Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cotton Candy

A nice little rain fell late yesterday afternoon and more water sprinkled down overnight. As a result, the Waterton area is laden with a heavy cloud cover this morning. The ceiling is only a few hundred feet above ground level. Clouds swirl like cotton candy around nearby peaks while the upper valley is totally socked in. The idea of a boat trip today is out of the question. Even though we're planning to pull out of here tomorrow, we could still do the morning boat if the conditions are feng shui. We shall see.

Most of the campers closest to our rig are in tents. And you all know how it goes for tent campers when it rains. We're so glad we're not in a tent any more. I guess you could say we're past tense...wait, wait, I meant past tents. We still do occasionally camp in a tent but it's becoming increasingly less often. The travel trailer is just too cushy, especially when the pitter patter of rain drops are falling.

We're off to the Prince Of Wales Hotel this morning. It's arguably the largest such lodge in this region. No doubt the one at Banff is bigger and swankier but this one's right out there in more ways than one. Sure wish the internet was fast enough to post photos.

We're also going to do some obligatory pickleball agitation. There are FOUR tennis courts sitting unused right smack dab in the middle of this purported village. Tennis is so yesterday, it's highly unlikely anyone uses those forlorn courts. So, we're heading to the Village Administrative Offices to give them some good-natured hassle about co-striping the tennis courts for pickleball. We bet if there were pickleball courts striped onto those four tennis courts, there would be players on them every day of the week and probably all day long, too, since it doesn't really get what you would call “hot” here.
If the Village Administration pleades with us to help them set up pickleball, of course we will oblige them and stay a few more days. We take pity on pickleball-deprived communities.

The Waterton WIFI is horrible. How do I know? Well, I paid my $10 and the WIFI got worse. So I went to the Visitor Center and asked them about WIFI and the guy blurted out, “The Waterton WIFI is horrible.” That's how I know it's horrible—both from personal experience AND from a credible local source. So, we count ourself lucky simply to be able to post this text narrative. Forget about pictures. No can do.

Unless we're recruited to help Waterton get pickleball going, we're heading south tomorrow. As you well know by now, “Plans Are Made To Be Changed.” Yep, that's right. We've changed our plans once again. We won't be going over to do The West Side Story. We're going to stay on the East Side and slide and slither south via a slightly different route than we used for the northbound leg.

All our ideas of playing plentiful pickleball on The West Side are toast. Why? Well, as you recall, I injured my left medial collateral ligament on July 8 at the Senir Games. Then I aggravated it at the Star Valley Tournament. It seems to be getting worse, not better. It's bad enough to make me wonder if I will ever play pickleball again! That's bad.

Anyway, I am majorly favoring the left knee—wearing a brace every day and hoping and praying for the best. We really don't want to “push” the knee by playing pickleball at all the various places we had lined up. It's just not worth the risk to the knee and my pickleball future, such as it is.

The trip south should be as interesting as the trip north. We will get to check out a portion of the Lewis & Clark route that we've never experienced before so we're looking forward to that bonus. It also means we will be arriving back home considerably ahead of our previous schedule. And, furthermore, it means we will be in Idaho Falls for the ridculously over-hyped eclipse August 21.

Well, we will head out and about now and perhaps write another missive later today. Happy Day!

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