Saturday, July 29, 2017

What a way to start a Saturday

My ancient LG305C.  At least it still works.
I sure can think of better ways to start a Saturday than how it went today.  Maybe I am a glutton for punishment.  Anyway, to get to the point, I spent over one full hour between roughly 6:15 AM and 7:30 AM trying to activate a dormant cell phone via the Tracfone system.  If you've ever worked with Tracfone you know how inscrutable and arcane they can be.  Trust me, this one was Classic Tracfone.  Anyway, we got 'er dun and we now have a backup cell phone for when our so-called smart phone doesn't have a signal, which is more often than not.

I've lost count of how many cell phones we've owned.   I'm guessing it's at least 20 between the two of us.  Naturally, they had to assign me yet another "new" number.  Those numbers really aren't "new".  They are actually used numbers.  We all know that to be true, especially when we get calls from creditors of the person who used to own that number.  Every single "new" cell number I've ever had was once owned by some dead beat who ran up a bunch of debts and then disconnected their cell phone.

Well, it's pretty annoying to be out someplace and not be able to make a phone call.  With this backup phone, I won't be having that problem anymore.  Whatever else you say about Tracfone, at least you can say their service is reliable and you can make calls from anywhere.  Since I reactivated a pre-existing phone, my total cost this morning was a mere $10.72 for 90 minutes of airtime and 30 service days.  That will get us through our  Glacier/Waterton trip  no problem.

Yesterday was a classic grunt day.  We left camp at Alpine, Wyoming a little before 9 AM and got home about 10:30 AM.  I was on the go all day until well after 5 PM.  Whenever we go camping, we always make The List of "improvements" for the next trip.  Even though we were only gone two nights, The List completely filled an 8.5 x 11 piece of graph paper with many notes in the margins and between the lines.  Just looking at The List was daunting.

So, as soon  as we arrived home, I began tackling The List.  Made pretty good progress, actually, and hav about half of the items checked off.  One of The List items was "reactivate old Tracfone."  So, now you know how I got started this Saturday morning.  Just dutifully trying to cross things off of The List.  Lots more to do today before all of The List items are crossed off.

This new "return to my blog roots" is working out great.  I think it will be a real nice way to find a "happy medium" with Facebook.  I will still share other people's stuff on my Facebook, still click "Like" and maybe comment once in awhile.  And I will still use the Private Message function.  But I am definitely NOT going to be  writing about stuff we do.  All that stuff we do will be here on this blog.  That way I can write to my heart's content and not think or give a diddly about whether it's too long or too boring or too esoteric.  After all, I am writing here primarily for myself.  It certainly is a refreshing change and one I will embrace ever more with each passing day.

Now, finally time to drink some coffee and smell the roses.

The List from this last trip is typical.

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