Friday, July 28, 2017

Olathe Corn

Down in The Verde Valley, the onset of Hauser Farms sweet corn is a ritual marked by much celebration.  Up here in South East Idaho, it's Olathe Corn that gets us all excited  Olathe is to us what Hauser is to The Verde.

We actually got to see the Olathe Fields in 2003. Yes, they were a sight to see.  The growers there ship north because we up here are "corn deprived" while the south latitudes are "corn rich".  Heat is Corn's Dear Friend. Olathe is in a "heat island" that also has special soil and favorable water to grow incredible ears by mid to late July.  And that's when the far northern latitudes are "corn starved."

Olathe Corn is selling here in Idaho Falls this week for 4/$1 at Albertson's and 3/$1 at WinCo.  Those price points tell us that Olathe is having a bumper crop this season.

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