Friday, January 13, 2017

Best Beans

A Bowl Of Beans...

Oh, how rich a bowl of beans can be!

We're don't talk often of foodie stuff here, so please cut us some slack and forgive us when we do.  Like tonight.

I am eating a Divine Bowl of Beans.  I learned how to make these beans 50 years ago in West Lafayette, Indiana.  I don't fix 'em very often...but when I do...Oh, My Gosh!  They are Beans To Live For!

They start out in the bulk section labeled as "Small White Beans."  And, yes, they look small and scrawny.  They simply don't Shout Out to You and announce themselves because, after all, they are SMALL White Beans.  Maybe if they were BIG White Beans, people would pay more attention to them.

The first thing you do before you cook up Small White Beans is to have a Bacon-A-Palooza.  Yep, it's counter intuitive.  Cook up a skillet full of bacon FIRST!  Cook the bacon LOW and SLOW and let it simmer under cover for a really long time.  Do not overheat your bacon.  Encourage your bacon to retain its fullest possible flavor.

By and by, after you have finished your bacon and set it aside to drain, THEN and ONLY then can you begin to deal with your beans.  The first and MOST important step is to sort them for rocks and foreign matter.  Gawd forbid that you would bite down on something that would cost you $3000 at the dentist!

We take SUPER, Extra Special Care in sorting, culling and inspecting our beans.  We put them them through a two-stage inspection so we can be absolutely certain SURE there is no foreign matter in the beans.

After washing the beans and blessing them, we put them into the electronic pressure cooker pot.  We add one can of low sodium chicken broth and then bring the fluid level to "8".  That roughly equates to a four to one ratio for the beans.  We also add two tablespoons of bacon grease.

Then we pressure cook the beans on high for 35 minutes. Meanwhile, we cut up the drained, cooked striped into 3/4 inch pieces.

By  and  by, the electronic pressure cooker finishes its job.  We let off the steam and then insert all the cooked bacon and pressure cook for another 15 minutes.

Then we offload the pressure cooker's contents into a real stove top cook pot and we're good to go.

THIS is now you make The BEST Beans of Your Life!

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