Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday Morning Edition - 2456735

Good Morning!  We didn't think we'd have a Morning Edition today.  Just being lazy is why.  Anyway, this one started out real slow and, almost before we knew it, we had enough Fun Stuff to put one together.  This is an All Arizona Morning Edition.  We limited ourself to looking only at Arizona newspapers.

So, what's with the photo above?  It's the inside of the Mesa typewriter shop.  Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing--a throwback to The Golden Age of The QWERTY keyboard.  We stopped by yesterday to chat with owner and Typewriter Guru Bill Wahl.  We want to bring down our old Remington and have it refurbished.  Bill's The Man.  He was much fun to talk with and we chided him on not updating his Facebook.  Anyway, here's an old story about Bill that pretty well sums up the place and also his Facebook link.

Now, let's move along to The International Day of Happiness, shall we?

Yes, Virginia, there really is such a thing as The International Day of Happiness and, get this, we will actually be able to attend!  Imagine that.  In our roaming of Arizona newspapers this morning, we stopped in at The East Valley Tribune which happens to be Mesa, Arizona's daily newspaper of choice.  Lo and behold, that's were we discovered The International Day of Happiness.  Who knew there was such a thing?  Certainly not us.

Here is the link to the little blurb we found:

Tempe Marketplace is a fairly large mall perched alongside the Salt River up on upstream end of Tempe Town Lake.  It's actually quite close to Roger's Place, perhaps a 15 minute drive at most.

So, based on the little blurb we found, we continued our digging and unearthed all of these links.
Enjoy and.....oh, yes, Be Happy.
And, so, we visited the Yuma newspaper and found a great Eagle Scout project that could and should be a model for wannabe Eagle Scouts in the Verde Valley and Idaho Falls.

And now, let's move along to a whole slug of stuff right from our backyard.  First, the new Jim's Trading Post in McGuireville.  Yes, that's Jim in the photo.

There's going to be a new Mexican restaurant open in Camp Verde and we're already excited about it just from reading this story today.
On a MUCH sadder note is the fire that essentially destroyed a really Bright Star in Rimrock--Robbie's Restaurant.

This fire really tugs at our heartstrings and reading the words of the owner makes us even sadder:
Tractor Supply finally opens in Cottonwood Saturday.  Get this: "There were more than 300 applicants for the 12 positions available."
Another nice article on Grief Hill.

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