Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday Morning Edition - 2456734

Very short Morning Edition today.  We are hoping to leave early to drive to Mesa.  Lots to do down in the Ol' Metroplex.  We will be at Roger's Place tonight and tomorrow.  On Thursday, Susun goes to Catherine's Place to assist our Dear Friend during and after a medical procedure Friday.  I drive back to Rimrock Thursday.  Susun will return here probably Sunday.

There's less than 2 weeks left in March.  Here in Arizona. April 1st typical marks the normal end of the so-called "wet season."  Yes, there has been wet storms in April but they are generally few and far between.  April is not known for creating or maintaining a snowpack here in this desert state.

What we have found in 30+ years of watching Arizona's snowpack (or lack thereof) evolve is that the last two weeks of March almost always behave according to how the wet season has unfolded.  So, that means DRY.  It's dry now and it's going to stay dry.  There appears to be nothing substantial out in the Pacific heading this way.  Bleak is getting bleaker.  And so it goes....in the desert.

Gotta love this bear story.


And gotta love these Yellowstone photos....

If a tree falls in the forest....



Tuesday morning sunrise at Redfish Lake.
Yes it was quite windy here in Rimrock yesterday as the graph above shows.  However, it wasn't as windy here as it was up in Eye-Dee-Hoe!

What does DRY look like?  It looks like this SNOTEL at Whitehorse Lake near Williams.

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