Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Morning Edition - 2456724

Happy Saturday Morning!  We definitely have a decent Morning Edition here today.  Plus, we're still 15 minutes before our self-imposed 8 am deadline as we begin to put the finishing touches on our "Finds-Of-The-Day."

Things started off slow this morning so we went to our "go to" source--our hometown newspaper, "The Lafayette Journal & Courier."  Sure enough, Ye Ol' J&C didn't disappoint. It's our lead story.

By and by, we were roaming the San Francisco Chronicle.  We found an intriguing article about monocles.  Nothing particularly "hot," so to speak, just intriguing.  Meanwhile, we noticed an other link at the bottom of the article and casually clicked on it.  BAM!  That's when we got hit with a real eye-opener (pun intended).
We're still wondering why we didn't know about the amazing new price developments in eye glasses.  Talk about "news you can use!"

There's some fun stuff today.  We are pleased.  There most likely will NOT be a Morning Edition tomorrow.  We are hoping to take a short overnight backpacking trip today which means we will wake up in a tent with no WIFI and therefore, NO Morning Edition.  We shall see, as they say.

Who knew a bowling ball could be a metaphor of life?

“People who have not found their passion are a lot like round-core bowling balls,” Hickland said, adding that round-core balls are not great performers and often end in the gutter. “The asymmetrical core shape is very symbolic of people that have found their passion because they aren’t afraid to do things other people are scared to do; they are very driven,” he said.

Here's the J&C article about the guy:

Here's his Facebook:

And here's some more stuff about the asymmetrical bowling balls:

OK, now here ya go.  We got a winner here.  So, here is the article about monocles:

Now, when you start reading the next link, you will probably yawn.  Read on.  It gets good when the article starts talking about the $6.95 eyeglasses!

And, yes, believe it or not, $6.95 eyeglasses actually, really, truly exist.  Check it out!
Here's a Sweet "Aw..." story to make you smile.  Aw.....

You've heard a lot about the Iditarod mushers this year. Isn't it time to meet some dogs?

Read more here:
This is a great ongoing feature that the Anchorage Alaska newspaper is doing.

Here's a photo of My First Library--The Albert A. Wells Memorial Library in Lafayette, Indiana.  My Mom began taking me there as soon as I could walk.  I will never forget holding her hand as she patiently made me climb what seemed like a Mount Everest of steps as I stared up at those imposing ionic columns.  I have always credited the imprint of this image in my young brain for my lifelong love of libraries.  Check out this awesome NYT article about new trends in libraries.

Above is the March 1st Salmon River graphic prepped by the Idaho US NRCS.  Here's the full documen t:

Below is the snippet from the Basin Outlook Report regarding river recreation:

And the good times continue roll.  Here's the 7-day cumulative precipitation forecast from today through next weekend.  LOOKING GOOD!

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