Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Morning Edition - 2456717

March ON!  Yep, time once again for that March to Spring.  Heck, it's been perpetual spring here in Arizona during this so-called winter season we've had.  How apt that we begin The Month of Spring with our first storm since November.  November!  Gosh, November seems so far away already.  It was, like, last year, wasn't it?

We'd like to talk a little bit about how a Morning Edition begins here on the beginning of a new month.  We often lie awake staring into the dark wondering what a Morning Edition will be.  You see, we have no clue when we arise.  We have no pre-conceived notions, no ideas, no nothing.  Just a blank slate and a brain craving some coffee when we arise.

So, we sit down here at the computer and just start reading stuff.  We always start with Voice of America simply because they have no annoying ads.  No flashy thingies, no whirly-gigs...just news.  Even if we don't find anything on VOA, at least we know what happened around the world overnight.

Today was typical.  When we spied the article on chocolate, well, we know right away that the Morning Edition had sprung to life.  How could such an article possibly NOT be included here?  So, we entertained ourselves for a full ten minutes looking at photos of chocolate trying to find "just the right one" to accompany the article.  There's some stuff that is more fun that chocolate but not much stuff, that's for sure.

Then we roam our Facebook wandering and wondering if there might be something interesting there.  Today, we got lucky.  Teresa P. posted up a couple of items about Mackenzie River Pizza.  We had totally forgotten that Mackenzie River Pizza is opening up in Idaho Falls.  It's such an interesting company that the second we started reading about them there was no doubt they would be part of the Morning Edition.

And so it goes.  Way back in the mid-19th Century, long even before The Civil War, people found gold in California and set off, well...a real rush.  That's when the age-old adage was coined, "Gold Is Where You Find It."  We have morphed that into a modern motto that is kinda the guiding principle here at the Morning Edition News Niche Room--"Fun Stuff Is Where You Find It."

You just have to go looking, prospecting, or whatever you want to call it.  That's what makes this exercise so much fun.  We are entertaining ourselves, first and foremost, and it is pleasing to know that the Fun Stuff we find also brings some entertainment, education and possibly even excitement to our visitors as well.

Thanks for reading.  Happy Day!

Just what ya'll need to jump start the first day of March--more confirmation that eating dark chocolate is the right and proper thing to do:
Last year sometime I can't remember, there was a big brou-ha-ha in the Idaho Falls newspaper about some pizza place coming to town.  Frankly, I paid no attention whatsoever to the hoop-lah.  "So what?" I thought to myself, "Ya see one pizza joint, ya seen 'em all."

Then I couldn't help noticing the MAJOR construction project down at Snake River Landing.  I thought, "Hum, that's really an excessive building for a pizza joint."  After leaving Idaho Falls in late October, I promptly forgot about the pizza thing until this morning.  That's when Dear Friend Teresa P. posted up some stuff on her Facebook about the new place that's opening in 10 days.  Suddenly, I was intrigued.  Intrigue turn to outright interest and now I can't hardly wait to get back to River City and settle into this pizza place.  It definitely isn't your ordinary pizza joint.
Nope that definitely ain't no Dominos menu!  Gotta love this quote from their webpage: "The First MacKenzie River opened in downtown Bozeman, Montana in 1993. Initially unfamiliar with truly gourmet pizza, Montanans were hesitant of toppings like toasted pine nuts and mandarin oranges."  Yeah, I can imagine how serving pizza in Bozeman with mandarin oranges went over in 1993!

Below is a scene said to be typical of the inside of a Mackenzie Pizza.  In the past couple of years, we've become devotees of Papa Murphy's pizza.  We betcha Mackenzie's grabs the top spot when we get back north.  No wonder there was a hoop-lah last year when they announced they were coming to Idaho Falls.  Thanks, Teresa!

My secret," he said, "is to be in a good mood all the time, to smile, to laugh."
Here's your "Aw..." story for the 1st of March.  Aw...Sweetie Susun's gonna LOVE this story!

It didn't take long after a gold coin horde was found for the hordes to rush forward with all sorts of theories, claims and, name it.  Above is Black Bart and some are saying the coins were his.  Bet ya somebody will write a book about this whole saga.

Wow--a "talking" library!

Why do we have this picture of Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders in our Morning Edition?  Good question, Dear Reader!  Well, here's why--a 54-year-old Indiana woman believes she can join this squad.  Here's the full story and it's a great story.  It's all about full speed optimism, an awesome positive attitude and a total "can do" attitude!

The original resident/mascot mountain lion of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, George L. Mountainlion (photographed here in 1958) was famous for being incredibly friendly and a published columnist.
We found this endearing photo here and followed the link to "the rest of the story."

Well, we've spent 90 minutes (so far) on this Morning Edition and it's time to call it quits.  Happy Day!

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