Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday Morning Edition - 2457614

Good Morning!  This really isn't a Morning Edition in the typical context of various fun stuff found online.  It's been one of those morning during which our roaming far and wide has yielded exactly nothing.  We've come up totally empty-handed, in a virtual sense, of course.

The two items we have here were actually pasted into this post yesterday.  Pamela H.R. posted this photo and note on her Facebook yesterday.  We dutifully shared her post but also felt this item important enough to place it here as well.  Spreading Kindness is a Very Noble endeavor and is to be much encouraged, celebrated, congratulated and emulated.

The whole idea now has us wondering how to fit this concept into our daily lives.  Without doubt, the seed planted by Pamela's discovery and report will be with us forever.  Since the originators of this practice appear to live in Sedona, we will attempt to seek them out and have a chat, so to speak.  At a bare minimum, we will definitely funnel raw materials their way for the construction of their charms.

Hopefully, Sweetie Susun's penchant for making beaded ear rings can morph into something similar to this concept.  Please do visit the website linked below a copy of Pamela's note posted on her Facebook.  This is a VERY Good Idea and we hope our Dear Friends chip in some thoughts and comments on this concept.

"Found this today on the trail - should have photographed it where I found it. Here is the website on the back that talks about these random charms left around the world. Love the idea."

Speaking of finding stuff, this story is in an entirely different league that the charming story above.  What a truly amazing find.  What's also truly amazing are the comments from the lucky couple about how it isn't going to change their lifestyle.  We love it that they are going to donate some of the proceeds to help the less fortunate.

Here is some really, REALLY Good News, Dear Readers!  Check out this graphic.  We will talk about it below the graphic.
Yesterday, as you will recall, we were all excited that the 7-day QPF showed 2.7 inches of cumulative precipitation for The Heart of Arizona.  How, lookie here this morning.  Good Ol' Noah (AKA: NOAA) has upped the ante to 4.4 inches of precip over the next 7 days.  Now if that ain't Good News, then I don't know what is!

Also, as a double bonus, Noah, reupped the precip in The Snake River headwaters.  It's back up to near 4 inches.  Since that's Cold Country, that could mean up to three feet of snow.  The Two Ocean Plateau SNOTEL in Y-stone National Park already has over 100 inches of snow.  Adding another 36 inches to that pile would definitely put Jackson Lake and Palisades Reservoir in good shape going into the growing season this year.  Looks like the Idaho Farmers who depend on Snake River water definitely dodged a giant bullet this winter.

Well, that's really about all the news we have this morning.  Interesting stuff but not much of it.  So, in lieu of news, we're going to spend some time talking about our Grand Canyon hike that didn't happen.  There's simply no way it would be wise or prudent to hike into that environment during a storm of the magnitude expected.  Here in bold italics is a snippet from "The Arizona Daily Sun's" Facebook page today:

"The National Weather Service in Bellemont is forecasting as much as one to two inches of liquid precipitation by Sunday, potentially doubling the winter total to date of 1.64 inches.

Friday at 11a.m. is when the precipitation gauges finally see some action again. That’s when widespread rain is expected across Coconino County – and a lot of it, according to National Weather Service Meteorologist Robert Bohlin.

“At some point Saturday morning, it will likely change to a rain-snow mix and then to snow, but the timing of that is less certain,” Bohlin said. He added that the snow level will begin dropping after sunset on Friday."

We waffled quite a bit back and forth over whether we could, should or ought to take his backpack trip.  Finally, a couple of weeks ago, we came down firmly on the side of, "Yes, we're going to go."  We tested out all our body parts and deemed them suitable for such a trip.  We spent many hours over many days working on all our long-dormant backpack bivvy.  Who knows how much time we spent getting our food ready?  Let's just say "lots."  We spent a lot of money, too.  So much so that we don't even want to tally up our expenses for a backpack trip that isn't going to happen.

We are saddened that we aren't going on this trip.  We had reach a point where we were quite excited about the trip and were counting the days until departure.

Now, if you know both of us, you know that we firmly and totally believe "Everything Happens For A Reason."  That's just a flat fact.  So, I can take comfort in knowing that this hike didn't happen for a reason.  As usual, I have no clue what that reason may be.  Someday perhaps the reason will be made known to me.  But it doesn't really matter.  Just knowing that there actually IS a reason is all I really need to know.

It has been quite a lot of fun tinkering with tiny little meals and tiny little gear.  I'd actually forgotten just how much fun all this tinkering could actually be.  Whether I take a backpack trip someday or not, at least I have had the fun and joy of "messing with stuff" for the last couple of weeks.

Yesterday I was standing out in front of the house eating out of a cookpot when one of our Neighbors came by walking his three dogs.  He said, "What are you doing?"  I said, "I'm acting like I am backpacking, Gerry, you know, eating a typical backpacker's meal."  He laughed pretty hard at that.

It was actually quite a nice meal that I was looking forward to making so I said, "Why not?" and cooked it up for lunch yesterday.  Here's the recipe.

One cup instant rice.
One quarter cup dried shrimp
Three sun-dried tomatoes, diced
One half ounce dried okra, scissors cut
One TBSP dried refried beans
Cajun seasoning
Garlic granules
2 TBSP sesame oil

At least all this preparation got me back to some danged fun backpacking recipes.  Geeze, that's good stuff.

Well, that's all there is this morning.  Have a great day & Many Happy Cheers.

PS--Enjoy the next 2-3 days of dry weather and then Batten ye Hatches.  This one's The Real Deal!

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