Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday Morning Edition - 2456670

Wednesday Greetings!  This will be a very short Morning Edition.  Why's that?  Well, we want to go out to breakfast this morning so we won't be sitting here roaming El Net like we always do.

Speaking of El Net, how about El Nino? The news today that maybe there is a way to predict El Nino is all over the print media and online, too.  If proven correct, such forecasting ability would be HUGE!  There are lots of such articles.  Here are a couple of them:
Source of graphic:

One of the NWS Offices in the Southeast used language not often seen in the staid world of weather:


For more articles, just use these three words for your search "mind-boggling ice."

There's a nice editorial in today's Camp verde paper about saving the Beaver Creek School.  The school complex is a short walk (less than a half mile) from our home.

This issue just never seems to go away.  It was the issue that propelled me into politics back in 1986.  Basically, this particular issue changed my entire life.  The battle for public access to free flowing streams continues to rage on in various states.  Here is the latest chapter for this perennial issue in Utah:

Is this a dog?  Apparently.  The VOA News caption says, "A Komondorak in the judging ring at Pier 92 and 94 Madison Square Garden in New York City on the second day of competition at the."

Voice of America Photos of The Day:

The Kennel club website:

And a WSJ blog on the show:

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