Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Morning Edition - 2456708

February 20th is a Special Day.  First and foremost, it's Stasea Rae Arnold's Birthday!  Yea!  Happy Birthday, Stasea!  Stasea was born in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Second, today is the anniversary of this day in 1944 when my Dad's B-17 was shot down over Germany.  Thus began his harrowing life in the Nazi prison camps.  You can read about his WWII experience here:

Third, today is the anniversary of when we were flood out of Sweetie Susun's Cottonwood home during the epic high water event on The Verde River. If ever there was one single life-changing event in our lives together, that would definitely be at or near the top of the list.  Last year we wrote a story about it and the story is now archived online here:

Sometimes, readin' and roamin' is a lot like fishin'.  Just because yer fishin' don't mean yer gonna catch sumthin.  It's the same with roamin' 'round lookin' for fun stuff.  This morning has been a real bust.  We've spent an hour so far and come up pretty much empty handed.

One of "preferred sources" is "The Arizona Daily Sun" in Flagstaff.  Unfortunately, the Daily Sun has a very tight paywall that we simply can't get through...unless this might actually work.  The paywall is so tight we can't even copy the links to the stories we want to share.  However, the Daily Sun has a Facebook that promotes all the top stories of the day.   Today's edition carries a story entitled, "Trails on Peaks bare to the bone."  We've love to read it but we can't.  We're hoping YOU can read it by using the link we copied off of Facebook.  Please let me know if this technique works and we will then post more stories from the Daily Sun:
In the meantime, if the link below won't work, here's the HAZ
description and Trip Logs on the Humphrey Summit Trail:

Redfish Lake as it appeared at 7:20 am, February 20, 2014.
For current image:
Speaking of trails, the SNRA is proposing a 4.5 trail to connect Redfish Lake with Stanley.  Here's teh story from the Twin Falls newspaper:

A TV writer in Seattle speculates that "Downton Abbey" may have jumped the shark.  Do you know what that means?  The cliche "jumped the shark" originated with The Fonz on Happy Days.

Here is the Wiki on "Jumping The Shark:"

And here is the Downtown Abbey story:

Yes, as you can see, there REALLY isn't much out there this morning so we're going to call it a morning.

Many Cheers!

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