Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Morning Edition - 2456695

Sweetie Susun and Catherine B. (right) are having a fine time in Kauai.
Here they are shown at Brennecke's Beach Broiler with Stasea's BFF Jabrielle Richarde.

(Editor's Note:  We said we would be doing a big piece on the Western weather and the Idaho snow.
Yes, we will be doing that but it's going to be a separate article and not lumped into the Morning Edition.)
The US House of Reps passes a great piece of legislation.  Now it's on to the Senate.
Great profile today on Dear Friend Kate B.
Arizona Public Service (APS) is going apparently going to pony up some big bucks for Grand Canyon trails today.

The article linked below is very short but the photos are worth a look.
Wonder what the Mercedes engineers were thinking with this weird design?

Nanette South Clark loves to create cartoons, too!
She put up another post in her series about Nikola Tesla
Is Florida called The Sunshine State?
Sue Malone write two blog post from a chilly place.

Wayne Ranney makes a rare post on his All In A Day's Karma blog.

A Jeff Foxworthy-inspired "You Know You're an Indian When...

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