Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Morning Edition - 2456685

YEA!  The Land of The M Diamond is featured in our local newspaper.  Congrats to Peggy & Larry!

Here's The M Diamond website: 

Read about a 19-year-old's trip to the South Pole.

Here's the Team website:

Speaking of Teams--how 'bout this father-son team
that will be in "The Amazing Race" TV show again?
Since they are from Utah--the Salt Lake Trib weighs in:

Here's some other links about the family duo:

Why can't Arizona have these types of signs?
Just imagine the Arizona Highways photos
that could be placed at each entrance to the state!
Be sure to click on and view the photo gallery of signs.

Have you ever heard of an snow avalanche that damned a river?

The above article is pretty basic.  The article below is more thorough and has amazing photos:


And, finally, another article about the age
of The Grand Canyon.  It's a Big Debate.

(Editor's Note:  We said last night we would have some material on the Niagara Gorge. We ran out of time this morning so that topic will be moved into a forthcoming Morning Edition.  Thanks for reading.)

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