Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Morning Edition 2456678

Nanette South Clark just put up a superb blog post on
Africa's Zambezi Bridge.  She even produced a video!
Nanette is so thorough in every one of her blog posts.
The Zambezi Bridge is also a bungee jumper mecca.

The Megaload Saga continues.  This one finally made it into Montana Sunday night after 1,000 gallons of de-icing fluid had to be used to get the tires unstuck from the ice at Lost Trail Pass, which is why the load was delayed at the Montana-Idaho border over the weekend
SOLD--for $140,000 at the Gooding & Company Auction.
SOLD--for $101,750 at auction this week.

Ace Reporter Peter Corbett has a story on the very front page of this morning's Arizona Republic.  It'a all about the mind-bending prices and data from "Auction Week."  Each year, buyers and sellers flock to The Valley for a wide variety of classic car auctions.  Here's the scoop.
SUP Race on The Colorado River near Parker last fall.
Great article about a new little SUP shop in Far East Mesa.


Here's their website and Facebook:

Pacific Northwest Natives are Happy Fans!
Great comment from Wayne Ranney "Where the dunes meet the Atlantic.
This very we'll could be a scene from the Toroweap/White Rim
environment in northern Arizona and southern Utah 272 Ma. Gotta love it!"
Two brand new blog posts--Wayne' on a roll!



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