Monday, January 20, 2014

Our first river trip together

Verde River posted this awesome GoPro quadacopter video about 2 pm Monday. This is SO AWESOME! This stretch of The Verde River was the very first one Sweetie Susun and I paddled together in 1987 when we first got together after the Telluride River Runner Rendezvous. It will forever hold very special memories for each of us.

The story she loves to tell is that she left a hair ribbon on a beach and I went back to get it. The story I love to tell is that it was an "On Golden Pond" day except on a Golden River with Golden Trees under azure blue bird skies with Strawberry Fields Forever!

Aw...Verde River, ya dun good with this video. Ya dun VERY good!

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Ring3141 said...

Beautiful!! Now I see why you were so up front about preserving this river. Your legacy, John. Dave