Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Morning Edition 2456676

If you don't know Chandler Plante, you're in for a honest-to-gosh genuine treat!
This 8-year-old kid is now a veteran community organizer.  He started when he was 6.  

The Buck stopped here.  Buck, of course, is the puppy who's the newest addition to the Piercy Family.
Even though we used this photo on Facebook Saturday evening, we can't resist using it again here.
Whale sightings are off-the-charts on the SOCAL Coast!

And, if you are curious about what's with that giant whale flying in the sky read more about it here:

Believe it or not this thing is a satellite called a "cubesat."
And believe it or not, it's powered by an Android Smartphone!
The first link below explains the satellites. The 2nd link the phones.
This was the issue that propelled me into politics:
Preserving public access to Arizona streams that
cross private property.  Great news from Montana!
Idaho may have to ration groundwater pumping this year.
Luckily, the Upper Snake wouldn't be a candidate for rationing.
It's one of the main reasons we chose to live in Idaho Falls--
A super secure groundwater supply with Senior Rights.
Idaho Falls sits in a strategic spot on the Upper Snake River.
It might be a heck of a wildfire season coming up ahead but 
"The new bill fully funds wildfire suppression accounts at the 10-year average,
providing $3.94 billion for wildfire fighting and prevention programs."

And, finally, a classic Sunday Morning Heartwarming Story from the Salt Lake Trubune:

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