Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Nose for News

( Dateline: 2456661 )   Happy Saturday Morning!  Time once again for another not-so-thrilling episode of The Daily News Morning Edition.

So whazzup with the title of this blog post?  Very simple--we've "offed" Google News.  We are no longer going to EVER look at Google News again.  We simply can't abide by a a purported news outlet that serves up such insensitive, salacious and revolting stories.  We tried everything yesterday to attempt to edit out such stories.  We were unsuccessful.  Our only option was to "Delete All and simply forget about Google News.

As a result, our Morning Editions will now be comprised entirely of items we find on more mainstream, well-established media outlets that are actually edited by real human people instead of computer algorithms.  It's going to take longer to compile each morning as we settle into our "New Nose for News" routine.

From now on, all notes about our own daily activities will always appear at the end of the Morning Edition.  Ok, let's move along, shall we?

Did you read about the lucky guy who won the other half of the giant MegaMillions lottery?  Truly a funny story.  We got a chuckle out of it and suspect you will, too.  Here 'tis:

Today there's a Lego Contest going on up in Salt Lake City.  It's actually quite an evolved and interesting gig run by the University of Utah. Here's the main link to the UU's Lego website:
Here's a great little 4+ minute video of the Lego action.

If the video won't load, here's the link:

As you may recall some time ago when news broke about the new megaload route, we speculated that the "Howe Corner" would be a real puzzle for the haulers.  Well, apparently, the "Howe Corner" wasn't much of a problem but an overheated engine was.  Now the megaload appears stuck in Howe, Idaho, a middle-of-nowhere hamlet not far from Who, What, Where, When and Why, Idaho.

Here's a great quote from this morning's article in "The Post-Register"

Cleo Amy, 85, of Howe, said the megaload was the biggest news to hit the town since much of its downtown was destroyed in a 2012 fire.

"It's the second time in less than two years that we've had a big excitement," she said. Amy said she wouldn't mind if the rig stuck around to draw visitors to the town with a population of 358.

"This could be a major tourist attraction," she said. "Just about everybody from all over has been to see it."

Howe residents provided refreshments to driving crews tied to the megaload. "One of the guys said Howe was the nicest place he'd ever been. And we agreed with him," Amy said.

Here's a fun factoid about the megaload.  The equipment owner(s) and hauler(s) took off through Idaho without getting a permit to go through Montana to get to Canada.  No kidding, can you believe that?  Here's the quotes from this morning's article:

Montana highway officials said Friday that they had yet to sign off on a revised route proposed late last month by Omega Morgan. Montana did not expect to issue the megaload a travel permit before the middle of next week.

"No permit, no entry," said Lori Ryan, a spokeswoman for Montana's Motor Carrier Services Division.

It was not known Friday where the giant rig would be stationed while awaiting approval to cross through Montana. "They'll just have to park somewhere and wait," King said.

You may not know that the megaload was originally supposed to travel Highway 12 along the Lochsa River and up and over Lolo Pass.  The Nez Perce put a stop to that!  We copied some photos of The Nez Perce stopping the megaload and made a Facebook album about 4 months ago.  Here is the link to it:

In our Blog-O-Sphere, Sue Malone put up another great Road Trip post.  We sure enjoy her writing!  It's a great way to armchair travel vicariously on her three month journey.

Nanette South Clark writes again about Nikola Tesla and the first robotic dog.

We don't know for sure but we think Nanette has written more about Nikola Tesla than any other blogger on The Planet Earth.  Surely, Nikola is smiling somewhere in his science lab in the sky.

Yes, it's cold back there in the Midwest but it's going to get a lot colder.  They-who-think-they-know are saying wind chill could exceed -40 in certain locations tomorrow.  As we've said and continue to say, as long as that kind of weather happens east of the Mississippi, Arizona and other Sun Belt states will continue to grow.  Absolutely NO doubt about it.  Speaking from personal experience growing up in Lafayette, Indiana, when this type of brutal cold hits, all you can think of is "How quickly can I get out of here?"  It makes me shiver just thinking about that kind of cold.  We're progged for another day in the 60-degree range here.

We have some Dear Friends coming by about mid-day to go on a hike in nearby, familiar terrain.  We're very happy we started the New Year off on the right foot: Two Days. Two new Trails.

Not much to report otherwise.  Life Is Good.  Have a Great day & Many Happy Cheers!  jp

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