Friday, January 3, 2014

A Hangover kinda day

Here's 110 photos of our Hangover Trail hike Friday. If this slideshow won't load, here's the link to the photos:

The material below was posted prior to the hike and a couple of Editor's Notes have been added.

For those of you who are following this blog whenever a new post appears, here's what we are planning today--the famous or infamous Hangover Trail.

It appears to be either a 4.3 or a 4.7 mile loop from the Cow Pies Trail Head. About a mile of the hike will be walking back uphill next to the rough Schnebly Hill Road on the Munds Wagon Trail.  The crux of the hikes is on the north side of this above illustration.  (Editor's Note: It turned out to be a 5.07 mile loop.)

In addition to extraordinary terrain hazards, the real danger with this trail is out-of-control, high speed, yahoo mountain bikers.  The Hangover Trail has a high machismo rating and testosterone-charged males come from all over America to strut their trick mountain bike stuff on this trail.

We will be taking SuziQ because the Forest Circus has let Schnebly Hill Road fall apart.  Schnebly once was sedan-capable but not any more. (Editor's Note: You have NO IDEA how bad the Schnebly Road has become.  It is atrocious and a total embarrassment to the Forest Circus.  It is HORRIBLE!)

Here's a Flagstaff newspaper article on the trail.  Note that the author's mileages are all wrong because the author is calculating the distance from the Huckaby Trailhead where the pavement ends.

Here is the Trimble website where we obtained the graphic shown at the top of this post:

Here's some macho video links to the trail:

You can Google "Hangover Trail Sedona Arizona" for lots more stuff on this adventure.

Gonna be interesting!

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Maggie said...

My palms are sweaty after viewing those amazing photos. How one could walk or mountain bike on that is astonishing. With my ankle, it would be an impossibility. And you two accomplished it. Great job! And nice documentation.