Sunday, October 13, 2013

2013 Bucket List Update

(Updated 10/13/13) On January 1st this year, we printed our bucket list on this here blog. Periodically we update our progress.  Our last update was July 17th, almost 3 months ago.  Time for an encore. (Note the July 17th updates are retained and noted as such. Bucket List Goals are now in much larger type.)

Year 2013 Bucket List

Day Hike More Often w/Susun
(10/13) Day Hiking hasn't worked out the way we hoped so far this year.  We hope that we can finish this year on a more aggressive day hiking note when we return to Arizona.

Play more cribbage, croquet & darts w/Susun
(10/13) We expect the pace of playing these three games is going to pick up as the year draws to a close.  We tend to play a lot more cribbage when we're traveling and Arizona is our is our dart and croquet playin' place.  Oddly, we played virtually no croquet this summer in our green grass back yard.

(7/17)We've done real well increasing the number of times we play cribbage.  We only play darts in Arizona and we did well at that earlier this year.  So far, no croquet.
Improve bowling avg. to 150
Play golf at least 20 times
(10/13)  Our comments today are the same as 3 months ago, except the total stands are TWO rounds of golf.  Either way, that's a mere drop of the golf ball in the bucket.  Not quite sure why neither of these goals came to fruition this year.  Maybe we will do some more Big Lewbowski Bowling when we get back to Arizona.  Hopefully, we will play more golf down there this Arizona Season, too.  The jury's out on this one.  Maybe it needs to be dropped off the 2014 Bucket List.

(7/17)This one is a bust.  We've played one round of golf.
Camp at least 50 nights
(10/13)  In July we thought we might make 40 but now we're looking at 30.  That's quite a "come down" from 50 so we need to address this issue in Twenty Fourteen.  Fifty is an attainable goal and there's no reason whatsoever we can't achieve 50 in any given year.  Tonight we have been discussing how to do that.  We need to pick up our Camping Game in Arizona, that's the key.

Anyway, as of mid-October it looks like we're going to log 30 days camping for the two of us and 35 for Johnny.

(7/17) This 50 night gig is pretty ambitious.  Looks like 40 nights is more likely than 50.
Visit Salmon Country at least four full weeks (28 days)
(10/13) We should note this particular Bucket List Goal was for Johnny and not for the both of us.  Altogether we (AKA: ME) logged five trips to Salmon Country this season but it fell far short of 4 weeks and that's perfectly OK.  The 2014 Bucket List will be amended to reflect this new reality.  Our total nights in Salmon Country tallies 12 this year, so we didn't even make two weeks total.

(7/17) This goal is no longer operational.  We're spending  a lot of time on Road Trips this summer. We have 10 days up there, so far--might get to 14, maybe higher and that will be it for the year.
Camp at Riverside at least three times
(10/13) We had two trips there.  The debate during those two trips was how to list Riverside on next year's Bucket List. We are thinking three is still an advisable goal.  Both of our trips this year were in July.  We could add one in during Smoke Season in August.  Riverside is so beautiful is doesn't matter is all of Idaho is smoked-in.  IN fact, it could be The ONLY place worthy of going during Smoke Season.  So, we'll call it "good" for this year and hope it gets better next year.

(7/17) We're only booked for twice this year and that's going to be all there is.  Still, 66% success rate ain't bad.
Drive The Reclamation Road both ways
(10/13) We only drove the Reclamation Road from West to East this year and had no chance to drive it from East to West.  We're not quite sure about how to address this goal.  We think West to East is the preferred routing.  Not sure way East to West would be worthwhile.  One thing is certain--we lucked out in driving the road in the rain because there was no dust and it reduced the traffic load.  It's VERY clear this would be a HUGELY busy, VERY dusty road under normal conditions and calendar circumstances.
Visit Ken and Julie's cabin.
(10/13)  We enjoyed a Great Visit to their cabin this year and look forward to many more!  Thanks, Julie & Kenyon!
Visit Heather and The Dream at least twice.

(10/13)  We met this goal (easily) this year and we will always list it as such in future years.  It's highly likely the visits will always be in June and August.  Both of this year's visits were, as always, two of THE Highlights of our annual calendar. Heather ROX!
Write 300 personal blog posts
Write 100 blog posts on the Salmon Thang
Write at least 100 posts on other blogs

(7/1/13) As of July 1, we thought this goal would be doable.  That's no longer the case.  Chance are the annual total will be about 300 posts and definitely NOT 500!

(10/13) At this point, we have no clue how we're going to fare in total blog posts this year.  We won't be able to do a final tally until late December or early January.  Suffice to say it's not going to be anywhere near 500 since we abandoned blogs for Facebook.  If we were to list a tally of our Facebook posts it would be far, far, FAR in excess of 500 posts.  Probably more like 1,000.  We have greatly mixed emotions about the abandonment of our blogs.  This will be a topic meriting much more discussion as the year draws to a close and Twenty Fourteen looms ahead.
Drive the Pass Creek-Double Springs loop

Explore and camp in Sawmill Canyon

Drive the Antelope Pass-Copper Basin-Trail Creek loop
Do at least three overnight backpacking trips
(10/13)  We still hold out HOPE for at least ONE such trip in this calendar year.  Hope Floats!
(7/17) Not happening.
Explore Italian Peaks area.
(10/13) This one gets rolled into next year's Bucket List.
(7./17) We came rather close to the Italian Peaks on July 14.  We'd like to get back.
Journey to the geographical Center of Idaho
(10/13)  This is still a VERY viable Bucket List Goal and will be carried forward onto the Twenty Fourteen List.  We aren't giving up on this one!
(7/17)Once again, it's not looking good for this goal. (Update 7/1--NO , this ain't gonna happen!)
Kayak or raft Snake River Canyon
(10/13)  The only way we're going to make this one happen is to get connected to paddlers who provide the motivation and stimulus to simply GO FOR IT!  We're keeping this one on on the 2014 Bucket List.
(7/17) We would not even consider this until later in the summer.  As of July 17, we'd say "no chance."  We're much more interested in Road Trips than River Trips this year.
Float South Fork from Palisades to Byington Bridge
(10/13)  It's baffling to both of us why we've lived here so long and STILL not done this.  What the heck is wrong with that picture.  Next year, we're going to make a concerted effort to get it right....FINALLY!
(7/17) Highly unlikely.
Drive the Arco-Minnedoka Road
(10/13) Nope.  Didn't happen.  Yep.  It's gonna carry forward to the 2014 Bucket List.  We WILL "git 'er dun"!

(7/17) The window has closed on this opportunity unless we do it in the fall season.  It's going to get too hot too soon out there on the moonscape.  As of 7/1 it is no longer on the agenda.  Maybe this fall when it cools off.
Explore the area between Kilgore & Rexburg
(10/13) The Spirit was willing but the timing and circumstances simply didn't happen. Next year, we will get there.  Guaranteed!
(7/17)This is likely to happen now that we have Marvie.
Visit site of proposed Grand Canyon Escalade
(10/13) OK, there's hope for this one.  We will begin to actively promote a December trip when Susun is visiting the Grin Kids.
(7/17) We sure hoped it would happen this spring.  It didn't.  We continue to hope it will happen this fall.  Hope Floats!
Visit Grand Canyon for a few days
(10/13) Tonight we talked about making this happen this fall.  It's our #1 Destination this Fall.
(7/17)Nope--didn't happen this spring--Fall will give us another chance.
Hike the Wilson & Bear Mtn. Trails
(10/13) The only way to make this happen is just do it.
(7/17) See above
Drive The Young Road both ways
(10/13) This goes back on the 2014 Bucket List.  It should be an annual tradition.  Both ways?  NO Way!  But downhill?  Always and All Ways!
(7/17) At least we drove it one way! From what we learned on that trip, there's no way we'd want to drive it uphill coming out of The Tonto Basin.  NO way. So once is good enough.  Now we plan to do it each and every year.
Drive the Perkinsville Road to Williams and back
(10/13) Tonight we have been discussing whether this one should be an annual January tradition.
(7/17) We definitely did do this one.  It was great.
If you get a Middle Fork or Main Salmon trip, GO!
We didn't get drawn and no one has asked us to go with them.  This looks un-doable.
As of 7/1, it's totally off the bucket list.  Ditto as of 7/17. Ditto as of 10/13.  Should it be on next year's list?  Probably not as it is SOOO unattainable!
Explore Tex Creek WMA in much greater detail.
(10/13) We should definitely spend more time out there next year!

(7/17) We will be going back out there for one or two day trips.  It's nice to know that area better.  Our June 30-July 1 trip really helped.
Become much more familiar with Pleasant Valley Country.
Probably not going to happen based on the new areas we have found to explore. Ditto as of 7/17.
Visit Yellowstone at least twice.
(10/13) We consider that we met this Bucket List Goal this year.
(7/17) We actually logged one trip to Old Faithful and West Thumb. We did get at least to the tourist trap of West Y-stone.  Does that count as a trip?
Continue Grand Teton and City of Rocks camping traditions
(10/13) We DID get into GTNP on Labor Day so that "kinda" counts.  We did NOT get to City of Rocks this year.  It would have been closed.  This goal is probably going to drop off the Bucket List and be rephrased and separated into two goals: "The Labor Day Trip" and "The Columbus Day Trip".
(7/17) Yeah, this one is a no-brainer.  Yes, we would continue to agree.
Spend a 5 nights at Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park
(7/17) We logged three nights there this spring. If we don't get back again in the fall at least we batted .600 on this Bucket List item.
(10/13)  The July 17th commentary below is still very apt for any Bucket List.  There's a lot of time left in this year to attempt to achieve some of our goals for 2013.  This whole exercise of making and updating an annual Bucket List has been incredibly beneficial and we will continue to do so for as long as we are capable.

(7/17) All-in-all, so far, not bad.  We have a lot of work to do to keep our noses to the Bucket List Grindstone.  Bottom Line--Don't Sit Still!  Get OUT!  DO MO, SEE MO!  Get out on the highway looking for adventure and whatever comes your way.  You can't live a Bucket List by sitting at home.  

May Your Own Bucket List overflow with success, Happy Trails and Many Cheers, jp


Sue Malone said...

geez, how is it that I hadn't found your blog before now...ok...back to reading...of course the comments may not get posted because I can't read those dang little thingies in the box. Har de har

Marti Spudboater said...

You can make your bucket list, but that means staying off FB next summer and leaving the fire reporting to the Forest Service, BLM, and Hotshot crews. It's hard to travel if you're on FB for 6 to 8 hours a day. And if Megan's 18th birthday or Homecoming falls on the Columbus Day holiday, we'll just make plans to go mid Week when we'll have the place to ourselves!