Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sunday Camp @ Calamity

Every Road Trip brings a New Awareness--a New Realization--A New Life Chapter--A New Zen is Now!  Perhaps that's why we love real Road Trips so much.  They are the essence of personal growth and expansion.  Not only are you moving through Space & Time & Landscape & Topography & Geology & Hydrology & History & Culture & Pre-History & Biology & Ecosystems Galore & Strange Things & MUCH MORE, You are actually growing and expanding, too.

How good is that?  Very good!  Our Road Trip Sunday-Monday was short but Very Sweet.  We learned so many new things and had so many awesome awareness changes.  One such change took place at Site C7 in the Calamity Campground on Palisades Reservoir.  This is our new "GO TO" spot.  You can expect to see us cocooned up here (or at adjacent site C8) at least once each year for the rest of our ambulatory lives.
One VERY Sweet Tent Spot!
One Very Sweet Sweetie in one Very Sweet Spot!
Here's Your Sign.
Indeed!  This site ROX!

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