Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend wrapup

What a Great Weekend!  We arrived about 6 pm Thursday.  Susan, Jeff and Kate were there.  It was chilly and Jeff lit up the fireplace. Friday Michael B. ferried us ten miles up Glen Canyon to the Ferry Swale Campsite.  We spent six hour there doing nothing much but swapping stories.  The party picked up Friday night with Jan, Dick, Marsha and Hugh's arrival.  Saturday, we eventually mustered up the energy to troop through Lonely Dell and then up maybe a mile on the Paria River trail.  Michael showed up, Alison and neighbor Jeff came over and the party hit full stride.  It was easily one of the best parties we can remember.  Bryan and Chris stopped by today for a short visit after their 13-day river trip. Sunday was a lazy day and eventually everyone departed by about 3 pm.  Tonight, it's Jeff and Susun and me.  I came down here to Marble Canyon restaurant to use their free WIFI.  It's slower that Mexican WIFI was over 15 years ago and it's taken almost 40 minutes to load these pictures. At least there's one heck of a view out the window from my table.

We're not sure what we're doing tomorrow.  We know we'll get as far as Kanab but no farther than Bryce Canyon NP.  The Twitter is working out pretty well.  Thanks for reading and Many Cheers!  jp
 The view off the porch from Susan K's cabin at Vermilion Cliffs.
 Sunrise on the cliffs looming over the cabin.
 Marsha & Hugh's camping rig at left and our rig at right. 
 The inside of Susan K's cabin is a near perfect party place. 
 Michael's camp on the Colorado River was a great place to spend all day Friday. 
 Susun, Susan and Kate say "THANKS, Michael!"
Samantha Johnson's 1881 cabin at Lonely Dell near Lees Ferry. 
 A remnant of the Grazing Days on the Lower Paria River. 
 Two Happy Artists Susan (left) and Jan.
Jeff D. in a rare pensive moment.
Kate W. was all smiles all weekend.
Jan and Susun share a laugh while Marble Canyon Metal Works owner Alison checks out Jan's artwork.
Jan's husband Dick enjoys listening to Jeff D. spin yet another tale.
Michael B. takes it all in.
Hugh and Marsha share some repartee as the sun sets on the Vermilion Cliffs.
Naturally, Susun was "In Her Element."
Hugh cornered the blog author for this picture.
This place belongs to the reptiles and the partiers, not necessarily in that order.


Wayne Ranney said...
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Wayne Ranney said...

Wow! Awesome photographs! Really good! I especially liked the prickly pear cactus flowers near the corral! Home run! I want to be there next year!!!