Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bryce Lodge

Walking back through the front doors of Bryce Lodge is a lot like coming home.  You know the feeling when you walk through the familiar door of your home.  Well, that's the same feeling we get here at Bryce Lodge--it's at once heartwarming and humbling to be able to walk right in, sit down and enjoy such a fabulous, wonderful and historic place.

Bryce Lodge is a genuine, historical throwback to The Days of Yesteryore.  The feeling of history here is almost tangible.  Well, heck, it IS tangible!  You can reach out and touch this place and enjoy it like not other National Park Lodge we know.  It's quiet and sedate compared to the mass throngs swarming through Old Faithful Inn.  It's so much more homey and welcoming that the El Tovar.  And there's no comparison between Bryce and Zion.  Bryce Lodge actually FEELS like your home does.  It's weird but it's true.

It's so homey, in fact, that Susun didn't even need the WIFI password--her computer and the Bryce WIFI router shook hands and gave each other a "welcome home hug" and Susun logged right on just like she was at home.  (I didn't have this computer last year so it had to introduce itself to the router.)

There are so many things to love about Bryce.  Sometime during this trip, we're going to try to summarize them all but it's going to be tough because the list will be so long and we will probably forget something.  Let's put it another way--there's NOTHING that we don't like about Bryce.  That means we like 100% of EVERYTHING about this place.  It's probably the only such place on Earth where we can say we love it all, every speck of it--top to bottom, side to side and everything in between.

Chances are we will be here until Saturday morning.  There's a wild card and, as usual, it's a weather wild card.  There's a chance that Sunday's weather is going to be wet up north and we both dislike driving through Salt Lake when I-15's wet.  We will monitor the situation carefully and make a decision when the weather crystal ball becomes clearer.

We haven't taken many photos since our arrival here.  Here's three with captions.
 Site #245 is perfect for our rig.  It sits perfectly level without the need of a single shim under a wheel.  It has large space between it and its neighbors.  Also, there's parking for the Nissan right in front of the site.  The pines damper the wind and it gets an early sunrise, too.
 The Shadows Know this as one of their favorite vistas.
Of course, America's favorite rock group, The Hoodoos, are always the stars of the show!

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Wayne Ranney said...

Great posting! I do enjoy your take on life as it streams toward you.