Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dos Videos

We spent a couple of hours at the staging area and starting line for the Verde River Runoff today.  Naturally, we made a couple of short videos.  We are maybe, kinda getting the "hang" of using the GoPro camera for purposes other than "adventure video."  The videos below are purposely made small so they will show on an iPhone or Android.

In the first (top) video, Chip Norton starts the final group of racers from under the White Bridge.  Chip and Bob Rothrock cooked up the idea to resurrect this race during our Journey To The Center of The State river trip last year.  It was great to see the whole thing come to fruition.

In the second (bottom) video, owner Richard Lynch describes his new Verde River Adventure Center on OTCV.  OTCV is "Old Town Camp Verde."  We love that acronym.  The very bottom photo is all of us last April using our arms and bodies to spell out JTCAZ (Journey to Center of Arizona) at the end of our trip last year.  We got pretty good at spelling out OTCV like that, too, but didn't get a photo.  Dang.

Richard wasn't supposed to mention my name--the interview was supposed to be ALL about him and his new (ad)venture.  However, Richard is Richard and what you film is what you get.  It was a lot of fun and Susun and I both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Here's the link in case it won't load:

The link in case it won't load is:

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