Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dear Mike

One of our Dear Friends....
Mike awards 1st Place to the 2012 Clayton Chili Cookoff Winner.
Well, let me try to start this blog post again--here is what his wife Cheryl has to say tonight:

"Mike was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer which spread to his spine, liver and lymph nodes 2 weeks ago. He has taken two weeks of targeted radiation aimed at decreasing the pain with some improvement. Still on lots of narcotics. Good news here is that it is small cell cancer for which Mountain states Tumor institute has a 90% success rate in extending your life up to 2yrs or more Bad news is it is very aggressive and spreads rapidly. He starts 3 mos of chemo on Monday. 4 day sessions spaced 21 days apart. Just keep praying. We thank you lots."

God Bless You, Mike.  And God Speed.

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