Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beautiful Betty

 There's a difference that one year can make in our lives.  
Oh, yes there is.
A year ago this week, we took Dear Beloved Betty to In-N-Out in Prescott.
She was Queen For A Day there when Manager Ryan delivered her cheeseburger in person!
Betty's so Full of Life & Spirit and LOVE of In-N-Out Cheeseburgers!
Below is our report for that day last year and then more follows.

"We celebrated the first day of Spring by taking Dear Friend Betty from her Sedona assisted living facility on a 200+ mile road trip.  Betty's step-son, Bob, loaned us his plush Lexus and we traveled over to Prescott to treat Betty to an In-N-Out cheese burger and fries.  There was a lot of snow leftover from the storm and the air was pristine.  It was a perfect day for a road trip.  I sneaked off and told the Manager about Betty and Ryan came over and gave her a hat and treated her like Queen For A Day.  He even hand delivered our order and then later brought a sweet young woman over to also greet Betty.

Betty was charming and gracious as always and a delightful road trip travel companion.  There's really nothing like an In-N-Out cheeseburger and fries.  It's a transcendental experience, actually.  Anyway, Ryan gave Betty an In-N-Out sticker to put on her walker so she can really impress all the other residents of her facility.  It was a great day."

Today, almost precisely one year later, Betty is in a different place.  She told Susun today that she is preparing to go.  Susun and Betty had a heart-to-heart talk.  We will be seeing Betty each day now as she prepares for her trip ahead and will have more to say as the days ahead unfold.

We both Love Betty So Much.  She is such a Dear, Sweet Spirit.  She has always inspired us to be better in each of our lives.  She has been such a Great Role Model.  Susun first met Betty when Betty was younger than Susun is now.  Susun was in her late 30's and Betty was in her early 60's.  They became Life Long Dear Friends and have shared so much together in the past 30+ years.

Susun for many years has called Betty her "Other Mother Sister Friend."  When she calls Betty on the phone she always says, "Hi, Betty Mom."  That's how we both feel about Betty.  She's the Loving Mom and Dear Sister of your dreams.  Neither of us know anyone else on Earth quite like Betty.  She stands alone as an icon of Love and Tenderness and Care the likes of which you only read about in fiction novels.

Betty still writes carefully cursive handwritten notes to a Dear Friend she first met in first grade.  Betty cherishes each and every one of her Friends as if they were a fine diamond sparkling in her crown of many Friends.

Betty is well aware of her circumstances.  Her mind is sharp as a tack.  Her body is saying goodbye.  She understands.  She knows.  She accepts her fate with the same class, style and dignity with which she has greeted every day.  Her Humble Heart beats as strong for today's dawn as it does for her Days of Glory Ahead in Heaven.

She is excited to see her Dear Friends who have already gone to Heaven ahead of her.  Betty knows.  Betty is at Peace with a Life Well Lived.  Betty is one Special Woman who can look back upon her life and know she has lived it just the way she wanted to, each and every step of the way.  If she had to do it again, she would do it just the same way as she did the first time around.

Beautiful, Bright Spirits like Betty are so few and far between on this Earth.  We are so Blessed to know Betty and her Beauty.  We will be with her now as she begins her transition and remain forever with Betty in her Peace ahead.

May Your Beauty Shine Forth Forever!

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