Thursday, February 7, 2013

Where's Wayne-O?

You've all undoubtedly heard of the wildly popular, long-running game called "Where's Waldo?"  Right?  Right!

Well, we're in the process of reinventing that game so it is entitled, "Where's Wayne-O?"  Right now, Wayne-O is leaving Peru and heading to Easter Island.  That's Peru, South America, not Peru, Indiana.
You can begin to play this exciting new game by visiting Wayne-O's blog to check out just where in the whole wide world is Wayne-O.  Better look quick, he's on his way someplace else.  YOU GO, WAYNE-O!
These three women are whispering among themselves, "Where's Wayne-O?"
If you look closely enough you will see Wayne-O second from the left, right there in the middle by that tree.

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