Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snow Day

Monday was a Snow Day.  Briefly.  A storm whipped up a nice frosty topping for the landscape.  We awoke Monday to a dreamy, creamy white vista.  The ground was entirely covered and a gossamer fillaree of powdered sugar snow clung to the branches of every tree, prickly pear and yucca.

What's a couple of Snow Birds supposed to do, huh?  Well, you betcha  we jumped into action, saddled up Suzi Q and headed off into the distant yonder with much whoop-dee-doo.  We had the Sam Cam in action and took a bunch of photos ourselves, too.  Altogether we returned home with almost 900 pictures in a mere two hours.  YIKES!  Don't worry.  We won't foist off that many photos on you.  Here are just a few.
Looking east across the National Monument before sunrise.  
That's a low cloud bank nestled against The Mogollon Rim.
Home Sweet Home.
Scraped off Suzi Q and got the Sam Cam mounted on the hood.
Here's Your Sign
Cowboy Up.
Beaver Creek looking upstream from near the Road #618 bridge.
Walker Creek looking upstream.
Walker Creek looking downstream.
Sacred Mountain in the background.

We figured there was enough snow this time around to last at least a day.  Nope.  Wrong.  It was ALL completely and totally gone without a trace by mid-afternoon.  Amazing how that works here.

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