Thursday, February 14, 2013

Julie & Kenyon Visit

Our Dear Friends & Neighbors from Idaho Falls came to visit us yesterday.  Kenyon & Julie have been on a whirlwind winter getaway.  They left Saturday and spent a couple of nights in Vegas before rocketing over to Oak Creek Canyon on Tuesday night.

Yesterday, we got together about noon and went for a nice day hike out for lunch at the Alien Rock Cafe.  Afterwards, Julie & Susun went off to Rimrock, to help Julie check into Maria Elena and Tim's rental studio.

Meanwhile, Kenyon and we scrambled up to the Cathedral Saddle.  It's 7/10th of a mile and gains about 600 feet.  We made it both up and back in 35 minutes each way.  After enjoying the view, we headed over to Rimrock.

Later last night, Julie, Kenyon, Maria Elena and Tim came down for a good Ol' Airy Zonie campfire.  We then had a great dinner at Chez Susun's and all retired about 10 pm.

When we woke up yesterday we told Susun we wished there was a highway sign that said "Fun Day Ahead."  It sure turned out to be a fun day.  Thanks, Julie, Kenyon, Maria Elena and Tim for making it such a great day.

Here's a few photos to accompany the video slide show above.

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