Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Number Two

What a great gift on the 20th Anniversary of our Big Verde Flood--we finally made it to the Number Two spot on Google's search results using the words "salmon river idaho."  It wasn't easy and it certainly wasn't luck, either.  We actually opened a Google Ad Words account and have been paying money to advertise the website.  That's the name of the game these days and that's how the game is played.  Luckily (at least so far) is hasn't cost an arm and a leg.

We don't think we have a prayer of edging out the Salmon River Wiki.  We're totally satisfied with Number 2.  The Wiki for any given resource will always be the Number One top search result, as well it should be.

(NOTE: The listing in beige are paid ads and paid ads are always given precedence over the unpaid listings.  You can't pay to get your listing moved up here on the search results page but you can pay to advertise a service connected to the search words.  The ads we buy are to place the website's link on other people's webpages so that people "click through" to visit the Salmon website.  That generates the type of traffic that catches the attention of Google search robots and spiders, hence increasing their robot/spider interest in why people are coming to your website.  It's a very complex gig.)

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