Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We set a Bucket list goal of 500 blog posts for Year 2013.  We're off to a smashing start.  So far in less than two months, we've put up 108 blog posts!  There 55 of them here; 28 on our food shopping blog and the rest scattered around various other misc. blogs.  At this rate, we are on track for more than 600 blog posts this year so 500 is no longer a pipe dream--it's a realistic objective.

The media has been hyping a great big storm and, as the hype got bigger, louder, and more shrill, we began to have our doubts about the whole thing.  Afterall, this isn't Superstorm Sandy or Nemo.  This is Arizona, folks, calm down.  So far, we've had a trace of rain and the temps are well above freezing.  Why is is when people say the sky is falling that it rarely does?

We think we might get a visit from Roger & Kathleen P. on Friday.  Supposedly they are in the vicinity but Roger said if the weather was bad, he was going to keep right on driving until he found someplace with the temp about 65 degrees.  The trouble with that plan is that it's actually COLDER to the south of us this morning.  Go figure.

The Idaho Falls Mayor position got thrown wide open yesterday when the incumbent said he won't run again.  Meanwhile, a woman waiting in the wings eagerly threw her hat in the ring.  We are waiting for further political analysis from DF & LBR Terry M.  Terry?

We might get a visit next Monday from Barb M.  She runs Lemhi Web in Salmon, Idaho.  We've only met via email so that will be a fun circumstance if it happens.  Susun is taking off a week from Friday to drive over to Grand Kid Central with Laura R.  Susun will then fly back on March 6th.  Meanwhile, we will stay in Mesa that night so we can go to the Chicago Rivalry Game--The Cubs vs. The White Sox in Spring Training at Hohokam Stadium.  The place will be packed and rockin' that day.

We did the math last night.  From when we get home to when Susun goes to Grand Kid Central in early April we have only 26 days to finish up our Arizona tasks.  We will be leaving to head north a mere few days after Susun's return from The Land of Sarah, Peter, Gage & Van.

Time's flying pretty danged fast once again as it is wont to do.

Not much else happening 'round Second Chance Ranch.

Many Cheers, jp

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