Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Number 3

As of 7 pm  02/06/13
We're Number 3!  Yep, "we try harder."  Wasn't the marketing motto for a rental car company?  Were they #2 or #3 when they let loose that motto on the world?

Well, our Salmon River Idaho  website has fought and clawed its way to Number 3 in the Google search listings when using the keywords "Salmon River Idaho."  Bear in mind when you are up at this level, the search results ebb and flow and eddy out and change in a blink of a mouse click.  Bear in mind also that any paid ads get stacked up on top of  "free range" search results.

It's HUGELY gratifying to be Number 3, even if only for a little time.  We've been hanging out at Number 5 and occasionally get bumped to Number 4 but Number 3 is special.  It's our favorite number.  We think we have a chance to fight our way to Number 2.  There's NO way we can ever be Top Dog because Wikipedia will always occupy that spot by definition.

Here are some of the Salmon River Idaho related websites we are ahead of right now:

National Geographic
The Salmon-Challis National Forest
The federal river's website
The Four Rivers Lottery
Lots of wilderness river outfitters
Lots of area Chambers of Commerce
Idaho Public Television
Lots of fishing guide websites
The State of Idaho's Salmon River website
And a whole lot more.

This stuff is very similar to a contact sport.  You have to be ready to go onto the field and get your anatomy handed to you in your helmet.  There are no "Nice Guys" in this business.  Everyone is out for themselves, including ourselves.  Nobody does anybody any favors, least of all their closest competitors.  It's kind of like virtual roller derby--you keep circling the same track over and over again long enough to make a Ground Hog Day movie star dizzy.

But the bottom line is all about winning.  Yon win when you search results are at the top of the heap of the front page of Google's search results.  Anything less than that is well,...losing.  The winners stay on top. The losers disappear.

We've been hanging on the front page of Google results for months.  We will do everything we can to stay there and fight to the top.  Number 3 is Sweet but Number 2 is gonna be SWEETER!  

And Someday?


We love this kinda stuff!

Many Cheers, jp

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