Friday, February 1, 2013


It's been like 14 years since we joined eBay.  It was April 1999.  Susun wanted to buy Sunshine Family Doll Stuff.  I had no idea what eBay was.

We got hooked on eBay back then.  We made several thousand dollars selling stuff for a year or two.  Then we split into Dixie Utah to live up on the Aquarius Plateau and didn't care about eBay any more.

We don't do much on eBay but we are proud of our 100% positive ratings over these almost 14 years.  We just had another couple of people say real nice things about us.  Frankly, we try really, really hard to maintain that 100% positive feedback.  We are very proud of it.  Here's the last few we can capture on a screen clip.

The main reason I wanted to put this us is not about us--it's about a seller whose ID is "recklesscannon."  This Dude packaged our July 1936 National Geographic Magazine better than ANYONE has EVER packaged ANY eBay item in FOURTEEN YEARS!  He put it into FOUR layers of protection.  Each layer took a CIA Agent and and Rube Goldberg Decoder Guy to get it undone.  I've NEVER experienced this sort of protection for an eBay shipment in all my 14 years.

We, ourselves, have striven to be THE Gold Standard as far as protective shipping goes and we get copious kudos for that.  But to have someone kick our anatomy and go so far way past what we ever thought possible for a protective shipping plan was totally awesome.

That's why we are celebrating eBay tonight. There are some Good People still alive and kicking on eBay and we seem to have a knack for finding them--(and they, us).

Many Cheers, jp

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Susun said...

YES, We do make All the right connections at the right times.