Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Tale of Three Saturdays

Talk about luck.  Geeze, Louise!  Two Saturdays ago on January 26th, it rained cats and dogs.  Last Saturday, the weather was warm and fuzzy purrfect and nary a growl was to be heard.

Today?  Why we awoke here at 3500 feet to a snow-covered Norman Rockwell postcard at Second Chance Ranch.  While, one one hand, it's such a beautiful Currier & Ives scene, on the other hand, it would have put major damper on having a mid-winter party.

We're not really sure how last Saturday could have been so beautiful and be book-ended by one really wet and one really white Saturday but that's the way it shook out of the sky for us this year.

Thank You, Dear Lord, we so appreciate Your Amazing Grace & Winter Gifts: Waterfalls, fluffy rivers, rainbows, sunshine and snow.

1 comment:

Stephan said...

Enjoyed the get together JP. Even though I got whipped badly in mildly extreme croquet.