Friday, February 8, 2013


We're actually a little more than halfway through our Arizona Season.  The exact halfway date was ten days ago on January 29th.  As you know, we arrived November 12th and we will be leaving April 18th.  That's a total time here of 157 days.  Because we don't leave on November 1st and return precisely on May 1, our Arizona Season is always shorter than six months.

Anyway, as we reflect on the fact we have ten weeks left here in Ol' Airy Zonie, we wonder about our plans, schedule stuff and so forth.

There's a storm coming this weekend with the snow level progged down to 2500 feet.  That's 1000 feet lower than our location so this weekend's going to be a great time to make plans and process our growing piles of paperwork.

Here's how our tentative schedule appears to be taking shape.  Next week, Susun heads down to Mesa to meet Karen L. from Idaho Falls.  Karen will have a genuine whirlwind visit to Second Chance Ranch and Sedona, etc.  Shortly after Karen flies back north, Roger & Kathleen P. come for a short visit.  Near the end of February, weather permitting, we're hoping to squeeze in our trip to Young, Arizona.  So, there goes February.

March is always a busy month.  April this year is essentially already toast.  Susun will be leaving early for Gage's 5th birthday party in California.  She'll barely have time to return before we board up the place and head up to Susan K's Place in Vermilion Cliffs.

March is the only month left when some flexibility for scheduling and planning.  We know we're going to be tied up the weekend of the 23rd helping out with the canoe/kayak race.  We suspect we'll be going to a Cubs Spring Training game in Mesa.  Chances are we'll try to squeeze in another road trip.  There's only four Arizona items remaining on our Year 2013 Bucket list:

  1. Visit site of proposed Grand Canyon Escalade
  2. Visit Grand Canyon for a few days
  3. Hike the Wilson & Bear Mtn. Trails
  4. Drive The Young Road both ways
Just trying to add the Canyon or the Escalade will pretty much toast off the month of March.  Also, we need to spend more time with our Dear Friends and Friends take precedence over any ol' bucket list.  Throw in the five remaining shooting matches, some hiking and the mundane chores of daily life and it's easy to guess that March is toast even though we don't have a genuine schedule chiseled in stone for it yet.

It never ceases to amaze us how much faster time passes as we move through life.  Even though there are 69 days left until we drive out of here, it's beginning to look like our Arizona Season will be over quickly. This little "thinking out loud" exercise here will help us during the coming weekend when the weather confines us to quarters here.

Many Cheers!  jp

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