Monday, January 7, 2013

Year 2013 Bucket List

We're sure off to a slow start with the blog this year.  Note that in our busket list below we say we're going to creat 500 blog posts.  HA!  At this rate, we'd be on track to get FIFTY instead of 500.It's impossible to believe it's been a week since we posted here but it's painfully true.

Anyway, on the morning of January 1, we wrote the following snippet to post on Facebook.  Even though we "coulda, shoulda, mighta" put it here at the same time, we didn't.  As you know, we started this blog on 1/1/10.  The first post was short & simple.  It said: " The purpose of this blog is simply to attempt to record the year."  So here is the Bucket List so we can all judge whether what we "record this year" might measure up to our lofty aspirations as Year 2013 unwraps itself.
People are fond of making resolutions today. We have a New Year's tradition of making a "bucket list" for the upcoming year. It's really not the same as resolving to lose weight and get in shape. A classic bucket list simply includes stuff you really want to do, rather than the self-improvements that typical New Year's Resolutions always address.

This morning we talked with "Houn' Dawg," one of our Dear Friends in Idaho. We both reaffirmed the importance of forcing ourselves to write down the bucket list TODAY on New Year's Day. It's kind of a ritual for both of us. Somehow, it gives the bucket list a little more weight if it is actually written on the first day of the year.

In the interest of putting myself "on notice," we are now making our Year 2013 bucket list public here on Facebook. That way, we have to be somewhat accountable a year from now when we look back and measure 2013's reality against our bucket list. Most of the names of stuff you read here relates to our Idaho Season (May-October) but there are some Arizona name's included.

Year 2013 Bucket List

Day Hike More Often w/Susun
Play more cribbage, croquet & darts w/Susun
Improve bowling avg. to 150
Play golf at least 20 times
Camp at least 50 nights
Visit Salmon Country at least four full weeks (28 days)
Camp at Riverside at least three times
Drive The Reclamation Road both ways
Visit Ken & Julie's cabin
Visit Heather's Place at least twice
Write 300 personal blog posts
Write 100 blog posts on the Salmon Thang
Write at least 100 posts on other blogs
Drive the Pass Creek-Double Springs loop
Explore and camp in Sawmill Canyon
Drive the Antelope Pass-Copper Basin-Trail Creek loop
Do at least three overnight backpacking trips
Explore Italian Peaks area.
Journey to the geographical Center of Idaho
Kayak or raft Snake River Canyon
Float South Fork from Palisades to Byington Bridge
Drive the Arco-Minnedoka Road
Explore the area between Kilgore & Rexburg
Visit site of proposed Grand Canyon Escalade
Visit Grand Canyon for a few days
Hike the Wilson & Bear Mtn. Trails
Drive The Young Road both ways
Drive the Perkinsville Road to Williams & back
If you get a Middle Fork or Main Salmon trip, GO!
Explore Tex Creek WMA in much greater detail
Become much more familiar with Pleasant Valley Country
Visit Yellowstone at least twice.
Continue Grand Teton & City of Rocks camping traditions
Spend a 5 nights at Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park

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Wayne Ranney said...

I hope you will extend invitations to all fun-loving friends who want to join in! Lime Kiln Trail too!