Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Susun's Sunday Strolls

Susun's Sunday Strolls are becoming quite popular with her girl friends.  This past Sunday saw ten Dear Friends join in the Red Rock Ramble.  Susun says the only problem is that she isn't get a workout, except for her laugh muscles, of course.  Her friends say they welcome Susun's return to Arizona because they know she will get them all together.  You could call the weekly occasion Susun's Sunday Strolls or Susun's Sunday Socials.  Either way works.  Here's some photos from the past two Sunday's (December 30 and January 6th).

The objective of the last hike of Year 2012 was to reach Oak Creek from Susun K's. house.
And what should the adventurers find but a busted up, abandoned Coleman canoe perfect for their repose.
 The objective of the first hike of Year 2013 was roundabout Chimney Road.
 And what should they find but a giant stupa.
 It's a Buddhist Thing.  Can you tell?
Onward, Ladies, ONWARD!

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The Goatherder said...

Somebody called me a giant stupa one time. I took a swing at him.