Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rube Goldberg Lives!

Way, way up in the cold, polar, deep frozen tundra of Idaho Falls there sits a Dear Friend and Loyal Blog Reader, Terry M.  He sits and stares at the cold, blowing snow and thinks of the biting winds and, during those ;long months of winter hibernation, his creative spirit begins to course once again through his veins.  As he peruses this blog, DF & LBR Terry M. spies out yet another post about a camp fire.  Rather than throw up his hands in disgust, Terry diligently deploys his keenest and utmost creativity like a laser beam to the topic at hand.  A little tinkering here, a little tweaking there and, behold, he unveils yet a new wondrous, dazzling camp fire device for all the world to see.  Thank You, Terry, for letting us all know that the Spirit of Rube Goldberg is Alive & Well this winter in Idaho Falls.  Carry on.

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